Our Top Five Mail Pieces – September

1)     To kick off our favourite mailings this month, we start with a very simply designed die cut 4 printed pages flyer, provided by a large university. The mailing is folded, and held together with a low tack gum along one edge to seal. The front of the flyer is predominantly blue with a reference to Facebook filling the centre, encouraging the universities target audience to take an interest. On the reverse side, they have a Printed Postage Impression containing their logo which we have provided them with, alongside this is a link to the universities website. Upon opening the mail piece, you are presented with a Quick Response code (QR Code), leading directly to the site. Underneath that is a full size image of a digital tablet, which holds an image of the universities website.

2)     Our second mailing is a Square Polly Wrapped Booklet produced on litho. On the front of the booklet is a die cut logo, revealing a sneak preview of what the booklet offers. On the reverse, is a custom designed carrier sheet with a montage of images, along with a link to their social media pages. Pasted onto that is their PPI containing their logo, which we have again provided.

3)     The next item of Direct Mail is a non-windowed C5 envelope, with an eye-catching image over printed onto the front. The image resembles a traditional British village on a summer’s day, aimed at inspiring the reader. Placed onto the envelope is our Unique PPI containing their logo alongside the delivery address. Concealed within the mail piece is an attractive brochure, filled with a variety of different offers from hip-hop dance to mountain climbing.

4)     Fourth in our list is a windowed C5 envelope mail shot, designed in a simple yet effective way. The mailing was delivered for a large theatre group promoting an upcoming musical. In order to promote this they have placed enlarged black text covering most of the envelope with the dates along side. At the bottom of the envelope is a QR Code, leading directly to the site. Inside the mail shot is their latest colourful, eye-caching brochure, alongside an introduction letter.

5)     Our final mail shot, rounding off our top 5 is an interesting example. Unusually we didn’t actually post this one. It was posted straight to us. Sent by a leading online company, the mail shot contains a fascinating pop up box, which bursts open upon breaking the mail shots taped seal. Each side of the box explains the different services the company offers and as explained in our recent article “effective colours for direct mailing”. This mail shot is a fine example of how to use colours to address different points and provoke a feeling.

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