Personalised Direct Mail Campaigns

Personalised Direct Mail Campaigns

Why personalise your direct mail campaigns?

Personalising your direct mail will increase the open rates of your mailings without a doubt. How inclined are you to open a letter that says ‘Dear Homeowner’ or “To the Occupier”? Not so much compared to a letter with your name on it. This is why personalised direct mail campaigns are the way to go!

In addition to just getting your mailings opened; it’ll engage your audience and get them interested in your products.

By providing personalised content, you stand a good chance of gaining their loyalty as well as business. Customers will feel like you know and understand them, which will go a long way in improving relationships and making business.

How can you personalise your direct mail campaigns?

First and foremost, addressing the customer by their name is by far the easiest way to personalise your direct mail campaigns. Simply putting a customers name on the envelope is the first step. As we said before, customers are much more likely to open something if it’s personally addressed to them.

Another way is personalised product recommendations. Use your existing customer and sales data to check customers’ most recent purchases and find products to compliment them. This isn’t only a great way to personalise your mailings but to get more business. If we know what a customer likes, they will more likely buy similar products.

Thirdly, providing personalised offers to entice customers to buy your products or services with attractive offers is great for customer loyalty and business. If their birthday is coming up, send them a voucher. If someone has been a loyal customer for a while, send him or her a free gift? There are plenty of things you can do to generate a loyal customer base through personalisation.

Finally, excluding irrelevant content is a way you can personalise your direct mail believe it or not. By eliminating unnecessary and irrelevant content you make your content more readable and interesting. For example, only sending new customer mailings to people who are actually new customers is a great way to gain their attention but if you sent it to everyone, not so much for the existing customers. Segmenting your mailing list will assist you in this form of personalisation.

The power of personalisation in your direct mail campaigns is undeniable. It will make customers feel like they matter to you, so they will appreciate your communications so much more.

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