Postcard delivered 50 Years Late

A postcard delivered from Germany nearly 50 years ago was finally delivered to its address, now under new owners.

The Postcard was sent from Bad Godesberg to Maidenhead on March 13th 1963. The Royal Mail finally got round to stamping the Postcard on October 29th for it to be delivered the next day.

The new owners aim to unite the Postcard with the intended owner, as they feel he may have become a little impatient after so long.

Despite this seeming like a major error on Royal Mail’s part, they claim that the real answer to the mystery would be down to someone placing the postcard back into a post-box on a more recent date.

As long as this may seem, the record for the longest mail delivery belongs to a letter sent to a French town in 1790 that finally arrived at its correct destination 220 years later. The cause of the delay should have been down to the French revolution going on at the time; it actually came down to a tiny spelling error on the address.

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