Postman Pat Van Breaks World Record By Reaching Speeds of 100mph

This coin-operated Postman Pat Van has put some of the world’s fastest sports cars to shame – by reaching speeds of more than 100 mph.

The childhood favourite coin-operated ride was bought for £250 from eBay and was transformed into the roadworthy Pat Van.

It won the title of Fastest Coin-Operated Ride in the Guinness Book of Records, after reaching an incredible 101.36 mph at York Raceway.

Motor enthusiasts Tom Armitage, 25, David Taylor, 32 and driving Ben Rushforth, 30, all from Leeds, are behind the impressive vehicle.

Mr Armitage said: “The Pat Van is probably the most talked about race car in the country at the moment and has even made a huge impact in the USA.

“After an aggressive launch the little Postman Pat Van powered its way to victory.

“We have been up against supercars such as a Porsche 968 and we left it standing, showing the spectators how fast this little van really is”.

The three members of Pat Van Racing have been interested in drag racing since an early age, with each of them attending their first drag race at York Raceway at only a couple of weeks old.

The team have been racing their homemade Pat van up and down the country in an attempt to gauge their competition.

Mr Armitage added: “The idea behind the Pat Van started a couple years ago, but we never actually made a start building the van until mid-2012. We sourced a Postman Pat child’s coin operated ride from eBay for £250 and started to build it.

“All the fabrication and engineering has been carried out by David Taylor and I. Pat 1 is powered by a 500cc single cylinder motorbike engine.

“The build was kept very quiet and very few people knew about the project, but now the Pat Van has become famous-people love it.”

He added that the team is what makes the Pat Van so successful: “There is nobody that could just get in the van and drive it quite like Ben does. Without a driver like Ben the van would not be what it is right now.”

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