Preparing for your Christmas direct mail campaigns

Christmas Direct Mail Campaigns

You might think it is too early to start talking about Christmas, but when it comes to seasonal marketing, it is never too early! There are some brands that spend their whole year planning their Christmas direct mail campaigns and rightly so! So now’s the time to plan for your Christmas campaigns.

Although consumers will naturally spend more money around Christmas, take a look at our tips to boost you in front of competitors.

Get your content prepared.

Preparation really is key when it comes to running a successful Christmas campaign. Developing a clear and precise marketing schedule for the entire holiday season is vital. This is best done several months in advance and the sooner you start the better.

The likeliness is you will use a combination of assets to make up your campaign so allowing that extra time to prepare will be crucial for your business. You need to have a clear idea of your messaging throughout the season so make sure this is planned and proof read.

Calendarise your Content

We all know how tough it is to buy gifts for everyone on your list and for many; Christmas involves a last minute dash to buy those last few bits. So why not completely avoid this? Start your campaign early and encourage consumers to start their Christmas shopping with you to avoid the rush. Promote your best sellers early and make your marketing message loud and clear.

The earlier you start your campaign, the more likely your consumers are going interact.  People may scoff when they see Christmas campaigns early but starting the hype early will inevitably work in your favour. The key here is to market little and often to avoid putting consumers off. Do not bombard but encourage.

Manage your List and Target your Audience

One of the best ways to engage with your audience is with personalised content. Sending personalised message will increase the chances of them shopping with you over the festive season. Remember, consumers will be looking for the best possible deal but engaging with them on a personal level might just be the tipping point to help you win the sale. Take a look at our personalisation services to see how we can help you here.

If you also have data on your consumers buying habits, use this data to re-engage them by sending them offers on products you think they might like.
Alternatively, why not reward your regular customers, it is Christmas after all! Send them a promotional voucher or maybe even a small gift. Not only will it bring you extra business, it will also remind your customers why they shop with you.

So with this in mind, what are you going to do about your Christmas direct mail campaigns?

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