Pushing the Envelope on Direct Mail

Everybody likes packages; the anticipation of what’s inside, especially when it’s unexpected and creates an irresistible urge to rip that package open. In the world of Direct Mail, getting recipients to open your Mailshot is phase one.

With this in mind, why not consider sending an intriguing package for your next campaign. As opposed to “regular flat mail“, small or large packages produce higher response rates and generates great word of mouth buzz.

“Creating immediate interest is critical when sending out any form of Direct Mail,” says Becky Quinlan, Direct Marketing Manager at Allegra Network.  “Large Mail and Packages engage a prospect immediately and starts a conversation”

“With advances in digital printing technology and production,” Quinlan continues, “marketers can now create some truly unique mailings without breaking the budget.”
You could even try a unique mailing, such as the one featured below. As it arrives on your doormat, it seems to be a traditional square mail shot, however you are yet to experience the wonder of a 4-fold design.

The fun begins as the Mailshot opens outwards, revealing a QR Code and four relevant statistics, it then folds out further to create a 12-sided shape containing three times the amount of information… Think it’s all over, not quite, the Mailers penultimate fold opens out to reveal a Unique Selling Point (just in case you’re not sold already). Finally, the mailing splits in half for the last time, placing you back at the start and allowing you to enjoy the experience again and again.

Things to remember – Make sure your mail is personally addressed to actual decision makers; you are investing extra time and expense with this campaign. The more accurate the data, the better the ROI. Talk to us at Central Mailing Services to get started on your next campaign!

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