Remember DM on the 5th November

Over the years, fireworks have got brighter, louder and more elaborate, and much like within the world of Direct Mail, bigger is nearly always better. Everyone agrees that if you’re going to put on a display, do it well! There is nothing worse than being upstaged by your pesky neighbours. The same applies to your Direct Mail campaign – when going up against direct competitors, you going to want to ensure your product/service shines the brightest.
Take a look at these 4 steps to getting your Direct Mail noticed:

1)      Be Different
Lets face it, 99% of us forget about the endless onslaught of roman candles on Bonfire Night, and by the end of it all, everything blends together into a white mist – much like the never ending pile up of plain envelopes on your doormat.
In order to stand out, you have to be different, much like the ‘Grand Finale’ at the end of the night; your Direct Mail Piece should blow everyone away. You want people to stop what they’re doing, stand and admire what they see in front of them.

Don’t limit your ideas and keep your mind open. Experiment with different types of mail pieces, such as; Letters, Packages, Postcards, Flyers, Brochures and Catalogues – Whatever you choose… design something that gets NOTICED!

2)      Always Look For Ideas!
Now that you’ve opened your eyes to more possibilities, start-paying attention to every mail shot that falls through your letterbox, anything that catches YOUR eye, is likely to catch everyone else’s too!
Take inspiration from what you see around you, and don’t be afraid to copy what others are doing. Heck, even Apple did it for the release of their new iPhone 5C, and despite Nokia nicely pointing it out, Apple’s sales are off the charts once again…
If Apple can do it, why can’t you?

3)      Get Personal!
Ever seen a firework explode into your name? Probably not, but you’d sure remember if it did. The same principle applies to Direct Mail; in fact, statistics show that 57% of women & 38% of men responded to Direct Mail Personalised to their needs.

People like to be spoken to on a personal level and not treated as ‘another potential customer’. Simply addressing someone by their first name on a letterhead is a start, but why not go that one extra step by putting them at the centre of your mail shot.

4)      Be Diverse!
The latest advances in technology are not only jazzing up our firework displays with rockets being timed to music, they are also firing our DM into the atmosphere. Near Field Communication Tags (NFC) may not be big right now, but give them time and they’ll be everywhere. By embracing this new tech now, you will be one of the first to jump on the bandwagon leaving everyone else to follow behind. The tags can easily be embedded into your Direct Mail, adding a touch of diversity others have yet encountered.

We are also seeing a jump in the use of integrating campaigns, with more & more marketeers combining Direct Mail, Social Media and E-mail marketing into one. It’s a bit like tying 3 fireworks together and creating something no one has seen before…only a lot safer. Much like the resulting effects from the “super firework”, a cross media campaign will give you bigger and better results when compared to just using a single medium.

“Note: We do not actually condone the tying of 3 rockets together – this is bad. We hope everyone stays safe over the coming week, all we ask is that noise is kept to a minimum after 10pm… some of us would like SOME sleep!”

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