Royal Mail Postal Strikes – All You Need To Know

Royal Mail Postal Strikes

What’s happening?

This month Royal Mail workers voted in favour of carrying out a strike as a result of a dispute over pensions and pay.

The strike has been initiated by the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and required a 50% turnout in votes to be accepted. In total 73.7% of the CWU’s 110,000 members cast their vote with 89% backing the decision to strike.

According to the Telegraph, Royal Mail workers will strike for 48 hours beginning at noon on October 19.


The vote came about after a CWU dispute with Royal Mail over the refusal to engage in a discussion over employee pay, working hours and long-term job security. Royal Mail is accused of thinking short term, minimising costs and maximising profits for shareholders. Many employees are concerned about the state of current pension schemes and are looking for reassurance about the future.

What will happen now?

This will be the first postal strike since 2009 and the first since the Royal Mail was privatised. If the strikes go ahead as expected there will be significant disruption to the postal system. Delays will occur on strike days and for a period of time afterwards as Royal Mail catch up with proceedings.

What do CMS suggest?

Plan ahead – Prepare your direct mail campaigns in advance to allow for potential disruptions. Design, print and fulfil ahead of time ready for mailing.

Push things forward – Consider accelerating your release schedules and releasing your campaigns earlier to avoid strike-related delays.

Stay informed – Stay informed and up to date by following Royal Mail related news stories, and by keeping up with Central Mailing Service’s industry updates.

Most Importantly – Talk to us!

We are print and mail experts. If you’re concerned give us a call on 0800 699 0501! We would be happy to help.

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