Royal Mail releases stamps to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics

A series of stamps have been released by Royal Mail to mark the beginning of the London 2012 Olympic games.

Created by hat-trick Design, the stamps have been created to celebrate the sport and landmarks around the city, featuring athletes and iconic London landmarks.

Mayor Boris Johnson has offered his own unique reation to the stamps, stating; “Even fleet-footed Hermes himself would hang up his winged sandals and send his letters through Royal Mail if he saw the quality of these beautiful Olympics-themed stamps.”

Royal Mail plans to print stamps featuring action shots of every Great Britain team member who wins a gold, it has said, through the Next Day Gold Media Stamps scheme.

The organisation has promised to work through the night if necessary to produce a stamp to celebrate each gold medal within 24 hours of it being won, regardless of the time it takes place.

Royal Mail ran a similar scheme in 2000 for the Sydney Olympics, 2004 for the Greece Olympics and 2008 for the Beijing Olympics.

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