‘Screw Loose’ Postie To Run Ultra-Marathon For Charity

Justin Lovstrom’s family think he may have a screw loose.

But they have still agreed to help him run 100 miles, non-stop for charity.

Postman Mr Lovstrom, 44, has run half marathons, marathons and even a 52-mile “ultra marathon”.

But when he attempts the 100-mile Thames Path Ultra Marathon from London to Oxford on May 3, he won’t ever have completed a run close to that distance.

He said: “I think having a bit of a screw loose helps with these things.

“My family think I am slight crazy and the challenge is completely crazy.

“I have done one ultra marathon but now it is into the crazy league.

“It is a mind game. You can’t think of it as one 100-mile race. You have to think of it as five times 20.”

Mr Lovstrom says his wife Jackie, and their daughters Freya, 12, and nine-year-old Phoebe are completely behind him.

On the day they will be with him for the whole journey, making sure he is OK and keeping hydrated.

Phoebe has even been keeping her dad’s fundraising web page up-to-date for him at the family home in Baker Road, Abingdon.

Phoebe, who goes to Caldecott Primary School in Abingdon, said: “He is amazing, he is really determined and he is an inspiration.

“We are going to be giving him a lot of water and food along the way.He’s definitely going to make it.”

Mr Lovstrom is using his challenge to raise money for two local charities close to his heart.

The Amber Phillpott Trust for leukaemia research was set up by the parents of an 18-month old Abingdon girl who died from the disease in 2011.

Her mother, Fleur Tinson, is a teacher at Pheobe’s school.

The Yeah Baby! music festival in Abingdon every year raises money for the Amber Phillpott Trust.

The other charity, the Oxford Heart Centre, cared for a lady Mr Lovstrom used to deliver post to, who died while she was awaiting a heart transplant.

Abingdon businesses are backing him.

He said: “When I asked Abbey Press printers if they might be able to print me leaflets to advertise my fundraising, they said ‘how many?’ “They ended up printing me 600 which I have handed out to people.
“I am absolutely staggered by the support I have had.

“I don’t want to do the hard sell I just handed the leaflets out and people ask to sponsor me.

“The support has been unbelievable.”

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