Slalom Your Way to Direct Mail Success

1. Budget
This is fundamental. It will help you determine exactly what kind of mailing you can afford. Expenses will likely include data purchase or rental, creative development, postage, production costs, the offer, and response handling.

2. Know Your Market
If you’re targeting consumers, be aware of age, gender, geography, the type of household they live in, and their purchasing habits; if you’re targeting businesses, be aware of geography, size, vertical and employee turnover.

3. Know Your Objectives
Your goal will define the tactics you use, whether it’s to promote products or services, generate leads for future follow-up calls or mailings, increase awareness, or build loyalty. Once you’ve figured this out, have a plan on how to objectively measure the campaign’s success.

4. Know Your Message
Consider segmenting the message for different recipients. And lay out a plan what will happen when the recipient responds to the call-to-action. Be sure to make the call-to-action simple for the recipient.

5. Track Your Responses
A simple phrase can be used, such as “cms2014” enabling you to track orders brought in via your direct mail campaign. You should also keep track of any social media interactions that occur and respond to them to show your enthusiasm.

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