Spaghetti Junction turns 40

Write out a card and light the candles, because the Gravelly Hill Interchange – far better known as the Spaghetti Junction – turns 40 today.

It’s a love/hate thing, dividing opinion across the country, but we’re definitely fans – and not just because it’s a famous symbol of the West Midlands.

As a Birmingham mailing house we directly benefit, with our location in Tyseley being a short distance from the landmark. The sprawling network of roads connects the A38 expressway to the M6 motorway, which gives us immediate road links stretching from Cornwall to the Scottish border – ideal for being reached by logistics and transport companies.

Unsightly as it may be, the twists and turns of the interchange provide a useful service for the city and the 200,000 motorists who use it every day. And for those who despise it, there’s bad news; the Highways Agency says it could stand for another 100 years – an impressive shelf life for old spaghetti!

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