The Importance of Sending VIP Mail

The Importance of Sending VIP Mail

Towards the end of 2014, a survey was carried out aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of VIP Mail. Those questioned were targeted by specific companies whom were deemed to be important, valued customers.

The survey concluded that, more often than not, a VIP Mail piece created a sense of drama. A personalised envelope with the slogan VIP printed onto it will always shout louder than the plain white envelopes you often see. By sending your customers an envelope that tells them they are important to you sends them a welcoming message before they’ve even looked inside. In fact, current figures suggest that 49% of people respond to a mail piece that makes them feel valued. This figure alone shows the opportunities for a high yield on your investment in a VIP mail piece.
It is also important to remember that the customers you’re targeting still want to save money. In fact, another study indicated that VIP Mail response rates actually increase as consumer income rises. Also more than 96% of consumers with annual incomes exceeding £66,000 respond to special offers within direct mail.

The study considered to be important by retailers revealed these findings:

They open and enjoy looking through Direct Mail because it saves them money.

The VIP Mail Piece was targeted at a particular demographic and it seems clear that this demographic likes to save money. Of the consumers surveyed, 84% said they often open Mailings, and 94% said they enjoy looking through them.

Direct Mail drives consumers online. 

When consumers find a mailing in any format that interests them, the majority will go online to learn more. Even among an older demographic, many go online to get more information about advertisers. 55% of Direct Mail recipients aged 40-60 years said they would go online and 52% said they would call. One white paper underscores this point by noting that; “consumers use computers to browse and research, but also go to physical stores; with as many as 30% using three or more channels for a single transaction.

Direct Mail has shelf life and is a preferred channel

When consumers find a Direct Mail Piece of interest, they will use it, or save it for future use. In addition to this, marketing consumers selected Direct Mail as a favourite advertising format. Research indicates that 50% of consumers pay more attention to Direct Mail than E-mail. 26% said Direct Mail is more trustworthy than E-mail.
Given the high success rate with VIP mailings, it makes sense to give careful thought to the appearance of your mail piece. There is a wide variety of material and enclosing options that can enhance even the most targeted of mail pieces. Make the most of these fantastic niche market response rates for your next VIP Mail campaign.

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