The magic Of Direct Mail Letters!

We’re not the only ones who find direct mail interesting! Forbes ran an article on the effectiveness of simple direct mail.

Today a man called about attracting more investors, people just like his current high end clients.That’s ideal for direct mail so I asked if he’d tried it. He said no; he needed a brochure, and printing and … well, he had more excuses. I mentioned “Maybe just a great letter?” Oh, he said that won’t work.

I smiled and thought of the magic that one great letter can work in a marketing program.

The operative word is “great”. The difference between workmanlike and great in direct mail is as vast as the difference between a cartoonist and Vermeer.

The problem is that to a critical and untutored eye a great direct mail letter doesn’t look like much. It looks simple, which is much more difficult to achieve than something sophisticated – a word that in this context usually means corporate gobbledygook.

Here at Central Mailing Services we often get asked to send out simple mail pieces. We have recently done a postcard mailing, with a one hit message – ‘Tax…fill in the gap’.  For lots of customers simple is sometimes best!

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