Think Outside the Inbox

More often than not, marketeers are reluctant to step away from the computer and venture out into the big wide world. The growing number of marketing emails being sent back and forth is filling up inbox’s all over the place, so why not send your customers something different, something they can hold and feel – Send them Direct Mail. When used correctly, even a simple postcard can pull its weight in generating response rates. Not only this, but they’re cheap to print and mail out. They’re fast-and-simple to produce and quick-and-easy for recipients to read.

With that in mind, lets take a look at some other types of mail pieces you could consider:

Letter Mailings
The letter is designed to focus the reader’s attention on a single product or service. It gives writers and designers the opportunity to speak to the consumer on a personal level. You can involve the reader and provide them with a tangible object that fully engages them as soon as they open an envelope.

Catalogue Mailings
Catalogues are a multi-product format with bound pages. While they originally were used to generate direct-by-mail orders, today’s catalogues are primarily traffic-generators for stores and websites. Even though they’re more expensive to produce than other formats, their content and weight give them staying power.

3-Dimensional” Mailings

Often contains a postcard, E-Mail, PURL, QR code, landing page, video and a 3-dimensional box mailing. The cross-channel components work together to create involvement and tell the product story. The box delivers a tangible reminder of the product’s primary benefit to a highly targeted audience.

When it comes to Direct Mail formats, you have a plethora of options to choose from, the only way to determine what works best for you is to test for success.

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