Top Halloween Marketing Tips

Love it or hate it, Halloween is a holiday event that you simply can’t avoid. Every year, companies try to come up with new creative ways of making themselves stand out from the competition. Its a well-known fact that almost any company can scare up business during Halloween; how much business depends on how far you’re willing to stick your neck out. From theatres to online retailers, we are sure you can muster up some new business by following these top halloween marketing tips:

Think Outside The Treat Box

Halloween is unique in the way that it isn’t traditional in the same sense Christmas is. There isn’t really a set of rules in terms of the imagery you use, or the offer you promote. As long as it revolves around being spooky, you’re pretty much sorted. No one complains that Halloween is too scary, because that’s the whole point in it. If you are able to attract and engage customers with the use of creatively invigorating imagery, why not do it? There’s no harm in creating print that feature pumpkins and skulls on them. However, if you really want to stand out from the crowd you have to come up with something unique. For Example: would likely do something about scary meerkats. Its not traditional but its unique which means it will be remembered.

Be The Early Bird

As with any public holiday, the earlier you start to prepare the better. Often the first to get the ball rolling are the costume companies who will start planning towards the end of August. Often sending out a catalogue first, creating interest & then following it up with discount vouchers or additional promotional postcards. As with any Direct Mail campaign, a good mailing list is vital. The more information it contains, the more you can personalise a mail piece through the power of variable data printing. Modern technology now provides us with the ability to place a customers name onto any object, in any format. This means you could send out pumpkin shaped postcards with their first name ‘carved’ onto the front of it.

Add Real Value

By adding real value to your promotional booklets, brochures, catalogues & newsletters the chances of you bringing in new customers greatly increases. Halloween marketing usually consists of ghost stories, haunted history facts and spooky recipe ideas. All of which you can use in your marketing. For example: “The old house across the street was home to ‘Chris Small’ who had a quite unusual obsession with ‘Kellogg’s Cornflakes. As a treat he is entitled to 50% off his next purchase of this product with use of the code ‘SPOOKY001’ “.

Remember, Remember The Jingle Bells…

With Bonfire night just 5 days after & Christmas 50 days after that, Halloween presents the perfect opportunity to begin your winter marketing efforts. The combination of Halloween, Bonfire Night & Christmas in one marketing campaign is a lot to ask for, which is why we rarely see it, in fact, it’s probably never been done. Having said that, there is a clear gap in the market for companies that want to undertake a Three-Tiered marketing campaign that promotes the sale of certain products over all 3 holidays, for example: If a customers purchases the same product on the 31st Oct, 5th Nov & 24th Dec, they are provided with an increasing discount after each purchase. Again through the power of strong data, this is an offer that can be targeted for specific individuals and products.

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