Top mailing tips for 2013

At Central Mailing Services we believe that clients come to us not for the range of services we deliver. It’s the way we deliver them. Here are our top tips to help you when thinking about planning a Direct Mail campaign.

Your database

Make sure that your data is current and reliable. If you are using a data provider to source a list, check that they are reputable and try to speak with one of their customers first.  Clean, accurate and current data drives great results.


Do you have a detailed understanding of your intended target market? Key factors to think about include industry sector, location, reasons they would buy your product or service and job titles of those you are targeting.


A clear message rewards our clients with more business.Does your direct mail feature a call to action, simple clear text anda specific call to action?

Follow up

Do you have a system in place to monitor your response, and are all of your staff aware of the campaign. A clear strategy and quick follow up will lead to a successful mailing with more appointments and more sales.

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