Turning To Direct Mail WILL Help Your Business

If you firmly believe that E-Mail marketing is the best way to speak to customers and generate new leads, you may be surprised to hear that Direct Mail produces higher response rates and a greater quality of lead.

If you are planning on starting a campaign that’s sole purpose is to bring on new business, you should probably think twice about using e-mail marketing. With tighter regulations in place, blocking e-mails from unknown sources; there is a high chance that a generic sales pitch won’t actually make it into your customers’ inbox. This leads to a significant amount of non-responders, not to mention the time wasted in actually sending the email in the first place.

A Direct Mail campaign, however, does not suffer from this issue, and never will. A personalised mail shot that lands on a doormat will ALWAYS be picked up, looked at and opened. With this in mind, the chances of a targeted lead looking at your product or service increase dramatically.

What Else Can Direct Mail Marketing Do?

Seen as an “old school” marketing technique, Direct Mail is still the most effective approach when it comes to achieving repeat.  Here are some further examples of what Direct Mail can do for your new or already successful business:

  1. Obtain Extra Information – Typically, businesses have a good database of physical address information for their customers or prospects, but they often lack having valid email addresses. Direct Mail is a great way to market to people, encouraging them to opt in and provide their email address – You can then work email into your future cross-media campaigns.
  2. Find New Customers – Online marketing is typically targeted to existing customers. With Direct Mail, you can market your company to new audiences that may have never heard of you. Using a postcard, you can tell them all about your company, and even add a special promotion that will direct them to your website where they can do more research about your products and services.
  3. Sell Something Expensive – If you’re offering something expensive, consider starting your campaign with a Direct Mail piece. It acts as a physical reminder for your recipient, and will likely end up on their desk or kitchen table, increasing the probability that they remember and buy from you.
  4. Grab Their Attention – Being one of the most versatile marketing tools on the market today, Direct Mail is the perfect way to grab someone’s attention and visually display your products. This helps the end consumer picture themselves using your product and makes the buying decision easier.

Are you unsure of how to create an effective direct mail campaign, or do you think your existing campaign could use improvement? We can help!

Here at Central Mailing Services, we are highly experienced in dealing with all kinds of Direct Mail Campaigns. We help you to add personalization and uniqueness where ever you can with your campaign to get your message noticed and avoid getting lost in a pile of envelopes, making your campaign the best it can be to generate repeat business. Contact us today!

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