What Happens When Consumers Receive Direct Mail?

Firstly, Direct Mail is enjoying an impressive resurgence thanks to its potential to boost a brand’s visibility, reputation and even profitability.

Research by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that in spite of an increase in number of promotional options online, Direct Mail Out performs Email. So, consumers must like it.

These findings from Royal Mail show how effective Direct Mail is at driving consumers to interact further with brands online.

However, smartphones are making this step easier and easier to achieve as consumers can quickly research a product or follow a brand on social media.

Sendly, Consumers enjoy getting direct mail that is applicable to them.

A few reasons people like to receive mail:

  • Its delivered to them through no effort on their behalf
  • Interesting designs on mail pieces can grab attention and lead to immediate action
  • People Love to receive Mail from a brand they trust or like.
  • It’s informative which can lead to helping people
  • It’s easily kept for future reference with use of a magnet, they can then post on the fridge

Thirdly, it will not be considered “junk mail” if direct mail is targeted correctly.

Direct mail statistics you should know :

  • 89 percent of consumers are influenced by direct mail to make online purchases
  • 87 percent of consumers feel connected to the brand/business by direct mail
  • 52 percent connect with social media after receiving direct mail
  • 43 percent feel they trust a brand or business enough through direct mail to be prompted to download something from them

Direct mail VS E-mail Marketing:

  • 79 percent of consumers say that they act on direct mail immediately
  • 42 percent of consumers say that they act on e-mail marketing immediately
  • 34 percent of direct mail generates new customer’s
  • 22 percent of e-mail marketing generates new customer’s

To conclude, Direct Mail’s Younger Audience also love’s to receive mail that is applicable to THEM.
92% of young shoppers say that they prefe
r direct mail for making purchasing decisions too.

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