What’s Inside An Oscar Envelope?

Here at Central Mailing Services, we tend to get over excited about the smaller things in life. In this case, we find ourselves intrigued by twenty four shiny gold envelopes.

The 85th Academy Awards contained plenty of stars, performances from Adele and Barbara Streisand, and 24 little golden envelopes delivering the night’s Oscar trophies Sunday night.

The two-dozen envelopes are made just for Hollywood’s biggest evening; however, they’re only used for a few minutes time on stage.

If you happened to tune in to watch them, all you would have seen from your television screen was the outside of a golden envelope and maybe a slight peek at the letter inside.

But, what are the stars looking at during the big reveal?

It’s not just the winner’s name inside.

The envelope and inside presenter card were simply cream up until three years ago when the Academy hired Marc Friedland, CEO of Couture Communications, to liven up the stationery.

Since then, the award has had a home inside a golden envelope.


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