What’s The Best Way To Have Some Christmas Fun With Direct Mail?

There’s no hiding from the fact that Christmas is right around the corner, and when it comes to Direct Mail, many of us are fed up of the “obvious” festive direct mailers, such as; advent calendars, Christmas cards, snow globes, etc. The question is, is there a better way to incorporate the festive season into business Direct Mail?

The unfortunate truth is that some companies have cut back over the past few years to save money when it comes to christmas, however we belive that it would be great to see a boost in great innovative gifts that are sent to customers.

There is no denying the fact that people love Christmas mailers, so why not send them something they are going to cherish and find usefull. Throughout the years, we’ve mailed out, mouse mats, desk pads, desk calendars, chocolates, mints and even lightsabers! … if someone sends you something useful, you’re going to want to keep it.

Ofcourse some will argue that “being different” costs more, and in short it does… However, if you succesfully grab someones attention and engage them on new levels, you are certain to reap the benefits of more customers & more profit in the long run.

Take this mailing for example:

A few years back, Ogilvy, a marketing communications agency wanted to demonstrate innovative creative design, by combining Direct Mail with Digital Media. They also wanted to spread a little cheer amongst their clients, suppliers and friends of the agency. To do this, they created an anaglyphic Christmas greeting to evoke the spirit of Christmas – this could be viewed using the 3D glasses sent too – All via Direct Mail. The campaign generated lots of interest and was still being viewed months later, bringing in sales throughout the year!
Similarly, the campaign below made full use of all things creative and innovative, leaving nothing to chance. It drew a highly conceptual analogy between a coconut and Direct Marketing – both being ‘tough nuts to crack’! This was brought to life in a highly impactful way with all the related creative elements and materials, which engaged the five human senses. The campaign specifically identified and qualified a well-defined audience of key decision-makers. It was sent out in weekly waves to ensure efficient management of response (non-respondents were followed up to ensuring the best possible result). A response of 52.5% rose to 97.5% with a follow-up call. Crucially the campaign delivered revenues of over £44,753 on a total spends of just £739!

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