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Can you Recycle Polythene used in Direct Mail?

Can you Recycle Polythene used in Direct Mail? Answer: All polythene is recyclable, multiple times over! The polythene used in mailings is easily recyclable by businesses and consumers alike. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to recycle plastic in their local area. Plastic bags can now be recycled at most local recycling centres…

Customer Service Excellence for CMS

We’re delighted to announce that we have retained our Customer Service Excellence award for the second year running! But that’s not all… The on-site assessor was so impressed with our customer service standards that we have been awarded four Compliance Plus awards in the process. It’s safe to say we’re happy about it. CSE themselves…

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Do You Need Consent to Send Ad Mail?

There is one question that we’ve seen repeating itself in GDPR discussions lately: “Do I need consent from a customer to send them direct mail, or are legitimate interests enough?” The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing has outlined a clear and concise answer to this: Because direct mail is not electronic, it does not require consent…

May Blog Update | Big Things are Happening

April and May are proving to be an especially busy couple of months here at Central Mailing Services. Between onboarding a number of new clients and finalising preparations for the GDPR it’s been all systems go. The GDPR, in particular, has been a hot topic, with both internal preparations and external client work. We are…

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3 Data Handling Questions to ask your Mailing House

The mishandling of data is an issue many businesses face when sending mail. Poor storage and security, dodgy cleansing services and the sale of data is all too common. Many people are left wondering who to trust amongst all this. By asking these three questions you can make a more informed choice when selecting a…