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Quick tips for creating and managing data for direct mail

At Central Mailing Services we understand that creating and managing data for postal mailings can be quite a challenge. As such, we’ve put together some quick and easy tips to help you get the best from your data. Royal Mail puts together towns and cities without making a distinction between the two. For example, Birmingham and…

Join up and show your support for the arts

We are proud to work very closely with the performing arts in England and Wales. At present, times are very tough in terms of funding for the arts. Please do visit this site and pledge your support to a very worthy cause. The link is I hope that you can share this great resource out with…

Direct Mail – Usage statistics

The average UK customer spends almost £600 as a result of receiving advertising mail each year. Here is some market information that demonstrates the use, scale and growth of advertising mail, its relevance and importance in today’s consumer world and how it could transform your advertising strategies and campaigns. Advertising Mail Facts and Figures In…