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Direct Mail Transparency – Is your Mailing House Accountable?

The quality of your mail is a direct reflection of your business. You need to trust your mailing house will provide a service that does justice to you and your brand. Most people have faith in their mail orders being produced correctly, but how do you know for sure? Think about it… Would you notice if…

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Common Data Cleansing Terminology

In our last blog post, we discussed some of the benefits of data cleansing. Now we’re taking a look at some core data cleansing terminology and techniques. Understanding different techniques and definitions is an important part of understanding why data cleansing is critical to direct mail marketing campaigns. Common Data Cleansing Terminology Suppression List A…

Environmentally Friendly Mailing House

Environmentally Friendly Mailing House

Mailing Houses Are Environmentally Friendly! Many believe that a mailing house can’t possibly be environmentally friendly, but this isn’t true. Central Mailing takes the environment seriously and we like to make sure we take care of it properly. Let’s find out how: Biodegradable Poly: We carry out a lot of polywrap jobs which means a lot…

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Account Managers in Direct Mail

What is an Account Manager? Most people will have heard of the phrase account manager in business, yet many will still be unsure as to what the job actually involves. Generally, an account manager is responsible for managing relationships with the clients of an account on a day-to-day basis. Most account managers operate in business-to-business…

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Reducing Direct Mail Plastic Waste

It is no secret that excessive amounts of plastic waste are entering our ecosystems, contaminating oceans and other natural environments. Plastic wrapping is massively damaging if it is not disposed of correctly. Organisations in every industry should be actively working to minimise the impact their business has on the environment, and here at Central Mailing…