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Looking to launch a bulk mailing campaign? Central Mailing Services has helped a diverse range of companies improve their large-quantitiy mail campaigns using cost effective & time saving techniques. Our innovative fulfilment and printing equipment also ensures our dedicated team can handle any type of mail campaign. This can vary from a couple of hundred to over a million mailings annually. Personalisation is easy to achieve. Our team will work with you to create direct mail that talks directly to the recipient. Perhaps you require colour laser printing, printed postage impressions (PPI), full colour envelope design or QR code creation. We can provide you with the complete solution. We’ve helped many clients including Universities, Theatres and Councils improve conversions with variable data printing, and our dedicated account managers can work with you to create campaigns that connect with your customers, achieving your ultimate end goal.

Central Mailing Services

Large Scale Mail Campaigns – Why are they so vital?

One advantage with larger quantity mailing is the fact that you can collate up to 8 types of documents, materials and insertions into one mail piece. Everything we dispatch will be organised to ensure recipients read the packages the way you want them to. Not every item can be fulfilled by machine, however, we provide a hand-fulfilment and matching service to enclose more unusually shaped items too. Central Mailing Service’s new automated document matching process allows us to match up to three personalised inserts into the same envelope. Our equipment ensures fast, large scale mail campaigns and our software ensures best value on any postage. Also, our major carriers see us create cost effective postage solutions. The team will always ensure you get the right print and at the right price too.

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Bulk Postage Solutions – Start Improving Conversions Today

We can prepare, address, enclose and post flyers, catalogues, brochures, invitations, statements and newsletters among many other packages, which is especially relevant in addition to meet the needs of the consumer. Finally, we can offer short and long term storage and distribution consequently for future campaigns. All of this is whilst we use our buying power to achieve competitive delivery rates too.

An experienced Mail Provider For Over 25 Years

If you’re looking for a trusted mailing marketing company, then look no further than Central Mailing Services. We have been in the direct mail industry since 1992, and have helped hundreds of businesses in various sectors secure successful results. We pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of technology, which means that we’re always looking to innovate with our direct mail solutions, using an innovative approach.


Why Choose Central Mailing Mass Mailing Service?

Well, with over 25 years of experience and insights of the mailing industry, we will guide you through your path to success with our tactful methods to gain the maximum return on your investment. And our insider insights and knowledge of the postage world will invariably provide you with the best services and postage rates – local and international.

We have built much success for many clients over the years and we have built up a knowledge base of where we can put together a strategy to achieve the highest possible results for you. We deliver on time and will put the emphasis on both quality and quantity.

Our service is not only tailored to your requirements, but we allow for a more personable approach also, meaning that our team of experts will be with you every step of the way throughout our campaign.

To find out more about our large-quantity mailing services, get in touch with Central Mailing Services today.

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