European Elections

About the Client

Central Mailing Services were approached to assist with a Nationwide Election campaign for one of the major political parties prior to the European Elections. The entire campaign was launched at very short notice due to Brexit and as a result the work needed to be turned around extremely quickly to avoid missing the Election deadline.

Details of the Work

The client required us to add mono print personalisation to an A5 self-mailer which then needed to be collated and boxed in Election Sort. The volume of the mailing was close to 3 million items and the turnaround time in which to complete the work was short. The sheer volume of A5 leaflets to be personalised meant that the work would not only need to be processed at high speed and with high accuracy, but also had to be collated and packed by hand. In addition to this, Election sortation takes up a vast amount of space due to the way in which it needs to be packed and sorted. The short timescales meant that the work had to be carried out over multiple shifts including weekends and overnight.

The Solution from CMS

Central Mailing Services have invested heavily in Inkjet technology over recent years and currently have 8 Inkjet printers that we are able to use across a number of lines. Given the client’s brief for High speed, high volume personalisation for Election sort, our Kirk Ruddy Inkjet printer was the ideal machine for us to use. Capable of addressing at speeds of up to 23,000 per hour, it was able to easily accommodate the high volume of work that was required and we ran the machine 24 hours a day over several split shifts.

Central Mailing Services have the ability to expand our shift patterns at short notice due to our flexible and dedicated workforce. At CMS we always go above and beyond to ensure that the job is completed in the required timeframe, therefore a number of non-production staff, including senior management worked day and night to ensure that the deadline was met.

The election sortation itself was carried out offline in order to speed up the whole process, using modular Hand fulfilment areas in Central Mailing Services new purpose built 46,000 sq ft production centre, a team of over 30 staff were able to work to complete the sortation.  The precise nature of election sortation requires that you are sorting each piece of mail down to individual roads, ready for the Royal Mail’s final delivery. The stock must then be boxed and packed in a certain order, ready for onwards trunking to the individual Royal Mail hubs.

 The Result

The A5 mailers were all addressed, collated, sorted and delivered on time and as a result Royal Mail were then able to inject the mailing into their network and deliver the leaflets on the desired landing date. The election campaign was a success and the party were delighted with the end result.

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