Midlands University

About the Client

This world-renowned University is based in a student friendly, dynamic city that has a compelling blend of heritage and history whilst also being both modern and culturally diverse. The University provides teaching of the highest quality for all its students, with world class resources and support.

Details of the Work

The University has a large Alumni who each receive a yearly magazine through the post in both the UK and Worldwide. The University invested considerable time, money and effort into producing the latest magazine issue with minimal environmental impact by using recycled stock and the latest print technology to ensure that the magazine was as environmentally responsible as possible. They wanted to create the magazine in a format that the readership was familiar with whilst also reducing the environmental impact of the mailing. The client wanted the enclosing material to be as lightweight and durable as possible yet still feature their renowned full colour branding. The University worked to a very tight deadline meaning that speed of production needed to be fast in order to achieve the required release date.

The Solution from CMS

Polywrapping is a core service for Central Mailing Services and we have 5 polythene lines, all individually configured to ensure we can meet all our client’s poly-wrapping requirements.

In 2018 CMS introduced Biodegradable and Fully Compostable polythene options for our clients, which have both proven to be very popular.

In this case the client wanted to use compostable polythene to wrap the magazine whilst also featuring the universities branding and space for both UK and Overseas postage PPIs. We worked closely with the university to ensure that the design was both eye catching and on brand whilst ensuring we adhered to all necessary postal guidelines.  In addition, we liaised with the compostable polythene supplier to ensure that the polythene was the correct thickness for the weight of the magazine as it was important that the micron specified would protect the magazine, particularly where records are being posted overseas.

CMS used mono laser print personalisation to produce the address carrier sheets at high speed and the poly wrapping itself was spread over 2 of CMS’s 5 polythene machines, running at 5000 per hour on each encloser to ensure that the mailing was released on schedule. The client benefited from Central Mailing Services’ postal savings with large discounts on both UK and Overseas mailing costs.

The Result

The University was extremely pleased with the production and dispatch of their Journal. The switch to use of Compostable printed polythene was warmly received by its membership, with a huge amount of positive feedback. The mailing was dispatched both on time and under budget.

Using compostable polythene demonstrated the University’s clear commitment to minimising its environmental impact. CMS gave the client the confidence to switch to Compostable polythene, although Bio degradable and 100% recyclable polythene options were also considered and as a result we are now looking at further projects for the end client, as we can poly-wrap, from DL size all the way up to A3.

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