Nisbets are the latest company to make the switch to Paper Wrapping

Central Mailing Services are delighted to announce that leading international catering supplier Nisbets are the latest company to make the switch to Paper Wrapping.

Switching Catalogue Mailings from Polywrap to Paper Wrap

By switching their Monthly catalogue mailings from Polythene to Paper wrapping, Nisbets will save on their UK postage cost, as well as significantly reduce their polythene usage.

As part of Nisbets’ efforts to reduce plastic in their business, their marketing team had been investigating alternatives to the Polywrapping

Increasing sustainability and reducing environmental impact are a key goal for both firms. Central Mailing Services have worked tirelessly to ensure that, as a business, they offer as green and ecologically responsible solutions as possible. All paper wrap is FSC accredited and all the printed reels are produced using organically produced inks.

Nisbets Paper Wrapping Image

Central Mailing Services are an existing supplier to Nisbets, and have been in discussions with their marketing team since it was announced that CMS had purchased their new CMC paper wrap line in July.

The CMC One, built to spec for CMS, is capable of 20,000 packs/hr with an ability to cope with varying pack sizes from 100x120mm up to 300x420mm and up to 30mm thick – 10mm thicker than the standard One.

It will run an inline Inkjeting for personalisation, as well as bulk loader, shuttle feeder, rotary feeders, stream feeder, five-way camera match, rotary cutter and extraction, an unwinder for 1.2m reels and a Mailsort kicker. It has the ability to enclose up to 10 inserts in A5 packs and up to six in C4+ packs, cycling at speeds up to 18,000 per hour.

Using printed reels with full bleed to the edge coverage, the mail pack will have the full colour impact of the existing polythene wrapped mail pack, while allowing Nisbets to gain greater value from their postage spend by now using a mailmark service.

Unlike a lot of paper wrapping machines, the CMC one will chip away the bleed on a printer paper wrapped pack, ensuring that the artwork offers complete coverage instead of a white border on the mail pack.

This ability was a winning factor for the Nisbets marketing team. It was vital that key messages are still visible and had impact. 

Certainly, it represents a big change for Nisbets and their marketing team. A lot of work between the two firms has cemented an already close relationship, and both parties are very excited about the future and further opportunities to look at other marketing campaigns too.

The first packs were sent out in early January 2020.



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