The White Company

About the Client

The White Company London has become a household name in the UK and Overseas. From starting out over 24 years ago with a 12-page printed mail order brochure posted out, the company has grown into an International Multi-channel business, known for its stylish, beautifully designed products, predominately in white.  They pride themselves on the indulgent beauty of their collections, which are available both online and in stores located in both the UK and Overseas.

Details of the Work

The white company needed to send out a large volume partially addressed mailing campaign. The timeline in which to complete the job was short as the campaign was a last-minute addition to an already busy schedule of releases. The brief itself was relatively simple, an addressed but non personalised gift invite / voucher with an additional leaflet into a C5 non-window envelope. The envelopes needed to be sealed and then presented in trays, ready for despatch as partially addressed mail. The 6-figure quantity had to be enclosed in a very short time frame in order to coincide with pre-published customer incentives.

The Solution From CMS

Thanks to a policy of continuous investment in technology, innovation and machinery, Central Mailing Services have 5 high speed envelope enclosing machines. Our flagship encloser is the Kern 3500, a selective Insertion machine that is capable of processing up to 27,000 items per hour. As the inserts for this particular project didn’t require camera matching, we choose to produce the entire mailing using the Kern.

CMS were able to simplify the process for the client, offering them logistics and storage solutions for all of the printed inserts and the mailing consumables that we were able to comfortably store within our 2500 racking spaces.

The Result

The White Company set a very tough timeline yet Central Mailing Services still finished the project a day early.  Using the high-speed enclosing ability of the Kern 3500, we were able to work split shifts to ensure that production surpassed the required timeline.

Envelope enclosing is a huge part of the business and with 4 BB300 high speed lines in addition to the Kern, CMS can offer almost limitless capacity. Having recently moved to using mailing trays, we can produce campaigns such as The White Company’s in a highly effective manner. The ability to track and audit jobs throughout the production process is also vital and ensures that clients are aware of the progress and dispatch of their jobs in real time. This transparency and immediately available data are of great use to our clients, as they can structure and plan their follow up marketing accordingly.

The White Company were able to track their mailing throughout, right to the handover for the final delivery. From start to finish the end client was fully aware of the progress of the job which is key, due to the reactive nature of retail Direct Mail.

Central Mailing Services are ideally placed to deliver high volume mailing campaigns in a cost effective and timely manner. Enveloped Direct Mail shots are still a highly valuable and powerful resource for marketeers and our significant capacity and ability to process these quickly and efficiently gives our clients a real marketing edge.

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