About the Client

Tradebe is a market leader in reclamation, recycling and waste management. Globally they turn over in excess of €455M and have over 2100 employees worldwide.

Details of the Work

The client mails out monthly postal invoices for all the work they carry out which are supported by complex backing documents detailing each element of the waste collected and service provided.

Their client base and data file are huge and this posed significant issues in terms of time and manpower for our client to print and mail out their invoices effectively. The backing data was complex and could run to a large number of pages from the supplied spreadsheets. Complicating matters further, there is a wide range of personalised data that had to match specific areas such as depots or client types and the entire process was not as effective or efficient as the client required.

The Solution From CMS

We held several initial in-depth meetings with the client to allow us to understand all elements required. The client’s brief was for us to print their summary invoices and detailed supporting documents prior to collating and mailing them within a set timescale. We also needed to have the ability to back up with detailed PDFs and technical files, therefore our In-house data team designed and built bespoke software to generate, merge and print all the documents for the client, building in integrity matching and the data extraction tools to allow for all the reporting the client required. We then took the new data files we had composed and printed the invoices and backing sheets in a set order to allow us to collate, fold and enclose in a timely and effective manner.

The software allows the client to change and update the documents when required and also has room for expansion and further development as the client continues to grow and move into new market sectors.

We continue to have regular client meetings to ensure that we develop the software in conjunction with the client’s requirements on an ongoing basis.

The Result

The client has seen a huge reduction in both cost and time whilst the labour saving for Tradebe has proved to be even greater than envisaged as the automation of the process has been extensive.

The data work has also seen the client benefit from financial savings in the enclosing, printing and postage of these invoices. Using the Digital Xerox commercial presses that Central Mailing Services have in house, allows the documents to be printed at high speed meaning large runs of invoices and backing sheets can be printed within an hour or so. The machine folding and enclosing of the invoices is also done at high speed meaning we are able to dispatch as per the agreed SLA. These huge changes and improvements have seen invoices received by their clients far faster and by using the CMS postage account, the client has seen a reduction in their postage costs too.

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