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NHS-squareWe carry out a lot of work for the NHS and were contracted to project manage the campaign to distribute important information promoting the NHS 111 service.

The campaign involved a large number of different sites, with variable quantities of marketing material being sent out.

Initially we worked very closely with the client to identify the most cost effective way to post out the mail packs. As the pack weights at first exceeded the normal parcel postage limit, we suggested split packs and different pack fills to ensure that the client achieved the best value for money postage solution .

We worked with the printer directly with regards to the million plus items being delivered in to our production centre as per the agreed timeline

We hand collated and packed to a very strict schedule, with differing quantities for different segments of the mailing. The mailing had to also be released in a staggered format, as each area required the marketing support at a different time.

The packs varied from large letters with only a select number of items, to heavy packets with bespoke numbers of the different print elements.

The client was reassured that the mailing would be delivered on time and accurately. Our extensive quality processes and procedures, part of our ISO 9001 quality accreditation, allowed us to demonstrate a full and clear audit trail for the enclosing and mailing. In addition our ISO 27001 accreditation gave the client peace of mind that their data was protected at all stages.

The mailing was a success and has seen a number of subsequent follow up campaigns sent too.