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officedepo-squareOffice Depot contacted Central Mailing Services to work with them on a catalogue mailing. The mailing was too low volume and awkward for their existing partner to take on.

We were delighted to help the client with the mailing, as the volume and catalogue size was perfect for one of our Norpak P9 Polyprocessor polywraping machines.

The client requested that we work with their existing supplier for the data, using our IT Bureau to re process the mailing data that had been sent. The data files required a lot of work as they had elements pulled in from a number of fields, which we had to work with and prepare for printing. The client had a full colour carrier sheet as part of the mail pack which we populated over two sides with mono variable data.

The thick Office Depot catalogue and carrier sheet were enclosed into our 50 micron clear polythene, ideal for heavier type mailings, as the quality of polythene ensures that the item is delivered in perfect condition. The high pagination of the A4 catalogue and its heavy weight were no issue for the Polyprocessor. We also gave the client the option of printing the name, address, postage impression and return address direct to the polythene, which the client was very interested in for future work.

As part of our ISO 9001 quality accreditation we supplied the client multiple live record proofs, which they found reassuring, as there was a significant amount of data to be printed. These proofs were per section and we worked very closely with the client to ensure that fonts, text sizes and alignment were all as per their requirements.

We kept the client updated throughout the production process and once the mailing had finished, gave them accurate counts of all stock used, so that they could utilise their surplus catalogues.

The client was really pleased that the mailing went so well and we continue to work with the client on an ongoing basis.