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About Pritt

Pritt is a world-renowned brand that produces adhesives, tapes, KidsArt, correction and fixing products. They are an international company with headquarters based in Dusseldorf, Germany and are credited as being the inventors of the worlds first glue stick, the Pritt Stick.

Most people will have used Pritt products at some point in their life!

About the Campaign

Aimed at children, this campaign required CMS to support Pritt as they undertook a significant social media campaign.

Pritt created 5 adorable soft toys, Mr Pritt Superhero, Miss Pritt Superhero, Mr Strong, Mr Fast and Mr Elastic.

They gave away 2400 of these cute cuddly heroes, rewarding social media activity. In addition to this, Pritt produced limited edition gluesticks and printable home-made superhero masks. In order to enter the competition and win a toy, people had to enter their details and name their favourite Pritt superhero.

The main goal of the campaign was to raise awareness and help children get back into the school routine.

Pritt stated: “Going back to school always brings new challenges like meeting new friends and starting new subjects…but with the help of a strong sidekick, children will now be able to face any challenge!”

How did CMS help Pritt?

Central Mailing Services worked closely with the client, as there were a number of parameters to consider for the campaign.

In total, 2400 winners were selected, with 5 different types of superhero toy being sent out over the course of 4 months. It was a staggered release, with despatches taking place monthly. The toys had to be carefully stored and looked after prior to packaging and despatch.

Each toy needed to be matched to the winner and hand fulfilled before mailing. To ensure perfect arrival of the toy, all enclosing staff used gloves when fulfilling the item into its dedicated packaging. Central Mailing Services worked with the client to test and specify the best packaging solution.

To ensure the address accuracy was as best it could be, the data was checked and updated using PAF before release.

The Result

The campaign was a huge success and lead to a very positive response on social media. The campaign helped children with their back to school routine, as well as providing Pritt with some quality brand awareness and a solid source of data collection.