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andy4labour-squareDuring the Labour leadership contest, Andy Burnham required critical Direct Mail services to assist his campaign. Andy’s team approached Central Mailing Services for strategic print and mail requirements.

Andy Burnham’s team initially approached ten companies and were looking for a supplier to print and mail 300,000 mail packs containing targeted geographical messages. Suppliers were required to provide litho print of Manifesto’s and letters, segment / profile data geographically, Mailsort, mail merge and laser personalise. As well as supply printed envelopes, fulfilment and provide cost effective postage. The client required very competitive pricing because their budget had been built through donations. Directors of the party also required the successful supplier to assign a company Director to oversee their campaigns. Finally, Quality Standards and Data Protection were paramount to the client.

Central Mailing Services were successful in becoming the print and mail supplier of choice. We were the most competitive, we were able to demonstrate fast lead times by building a timeline for the client which was constantly adapted to allow for amendments to their manifesto artwork. Our ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditations more than satisfied the client’s quality and data security requirements. Our Bureau Dept worked closely with Client Services to meet all data processing requirements. All mail packs were verified by camera to show our client that all geographical sectors were correctly mailed. With the use of our Xerox Nuvera, Horizon Folder and x4 Buhrs BB300 enclosing machines we were constantly ahead of schedule.

Members of Andy Burnham’s communication team were primarily volunteers who managed the leadership campaign after 5pm – the client therefore required phone and email communication during evenings and weekends. Our Managing Director, Mitesh, successfully communicated with various contacts and managed the campaign with support from Mary within our Client Services Division. We exceeded the client’s expectations. The client expressed their gratitude many times and felt at ease during the entire process, they were very happy with all elements of the work we carried out.