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VAT Free Charity Direct Mailings


Why direct mail for charities/non-profits?

Looking for charity direct mail companies? Direct mail is an essential tool for charities looking to successfully increase brand awareness and raise funds. Charitable mailings deliver your organisational message and brand straight into the hands of prospects and customers. It is high impact and generates great response rates.

Charity mailings are excellent for fundraising as they speak directly to audiences and generate an emotional response. Visual content such as images, quotes, graphs and diagrams help to drive home the importance of your charities goals and raise funds for great causes.

Direct mail campaigns can be used to successfully generate revenue, as well as to nurture existing relationships.


Build lasting relationships

Building sustainable relationships with charity donors is a great way to meet your long-term business goals. Direct mail can be used to develop regular communications with potential donors keeping them updated and informing supporters of relevant charitable causes as well as how their past donations have been invested.

Mail personalisation can be used to show donors that your charity values the support of each individual as well as to let them know that they really are making a difference.

Time-sensitive projects

Direct mail with CMS is perfect for time-sensitive fundraising. We pride ourselves on our ability to process orders quickly and accurately. Fast turnaround on quotes, state of the art technology and experienced staff enable us to meet even the toughest of deadlines.

Cost-effective solutionsCharity money jar with coins

We understand that charities can struggle with financial pressure and limited resources for marketing. As a result, generating a positive return on investment (ROI) is crucial for every campaign. At CMS we will work with you to provide the most cost-effective and dynamic solutions for your needs.

Targeted print and mail campaigns can offer fantastic ROI, on average direct mail delivers a £3.22 return on investment for every £1 spent.

Looking at options such as pack format, style and wide-ranging personalisation options can provide you with significant opportunities to improve your results and drive costs down.


VAT free charity mailings

With registered charities being unable to reclaim VAT (currently at 20%) this adds a significant amount onto the cost of the overall direct mail campaign.

With CMS, charity mailings for fundraising can be sent at significantly reduced rates. As an established mailing house, we are able to offer a VAT free postage solution for registered charities whereby a large proportion of the postage cost will be VAT exempt. In addition to this, we can zero-rate the VAT for a large proportion of print, envelopes and overseas postage.

Savings made on VAT can often provide a significant contribution to other parts of your fundraising campaigns.

Our data cleansing services can sharpen up your data, increasing overall mailing accuracy as well as reducing costs and environmental impact. Alternatively, excess budget can be used to create additional marketing collateral or a follow-up campaign aimed at high-value prospects.


GDPR compliance and data security

We understand data security should be a priority, not an afterthought.

All operations at CMS are GDPR compliant and we are proud to maintain our ISO 27001 standard for information security systems.

We strive to uphold the highest standard of digital and physical data security.

Stringent internal IT policies, on-premise security with CCTV monitoring and our wholly-owned distribution vehicles enable us to keep confidential information secure on-site and in transit.

Central Mailing Services

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At CMS we offer multiple options for print, fulfilment and mailing that provide the best value for your budget. Our services are flexible and our knowledgeable teams are happy to help find the perfect solution for you.


Find out how much you can save on your charitable mailings, call us on 0800 699 0501, or click on the link below to get in contact.