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Direct Mail Campaigns for Christmas

Christmas themed direct mail campaigns are a great way to reach out to customers and prospects, build relationships and generate additional revenue. The Christmas and New Year period provide a fantastic opportunity to do something creative and memorable.

Direct mail is effective because it puts your brand and message straight into the hands of customers. As a tangible product, direct mail helps recipients to better understand your organisation and enables you to leave a lasting impression.

Direct mail can be produced in all shapes and sizes and is hugely customisable making it perfect for Christmas themed marketing campaigns.

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Ideas for Christmas and New Years Mailings

There are plenty of options for Christmas themed direct mail, a few of the most popular ideas we’ve seen include:

  • Christmas cards
  • Advent calendars
  • New years calendars
  • Custom Christmas envelopes
  • Christmas Catalogues

In the past, we’ve processed mailings with mince pies, chocolate lollipops, scarves, and even Christmas socks!

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Print, Packaging and Fulfilment

When producing direct mail campaigns its important for print and packaging to be accurate and all visual elements to be both attractive and legible.

First impressions count, so ensuring there are no errors or smudges and that the finished product looks exactly as expected is a crucial part of any print and mailing process.

There are many ways to customise the print and packaging of mailings that will increase the quality and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Consider using bespoke enveloping, personalised colour schemes or custom inserts to make a more memorable impression.


Automated fulfilment

As part of our fulfilment services we are able to offer automated folding and finishing as well as automated envelope enclosing. Our fulfilment services are capable of adding up to 8 inserts, including booklets. In addition to this, all of our automated envelope enclosing machines feature camera matching capability and camera verification. Downloadable reports demonstrate to our clients that each and every product has been mailed correctly.

For your Christmas direct mail campaign try including some themed inserts:


                        Christmas Direct Mail ideas

Hand fulfilment

We are able to provide a dedicated hand fulfilment service perfect for Christmas direct mail campaigns. This is a great alternative to machine fulfilment. There are plenty of options available, with a solution for every type of direct mail campaign. We regularly process mailings with hand finished glue dotting, collation, enclosing, pick and pack and clear disc application.

Polythene enclosing

Four high-speed polywrap machines enable us to provide quality polythene enclosing for everything from fliers to catalogues. We also have the option to address directly onto the polythene where necessary. Our staff and facilities enable us to produce as many as 300,000 polywrapped mail items in 24 hours.

Extra touchesChristmas gifts for direct mail

An often-overlooked element of direct mail campaigns is how they appeal to the senses.

Introducing a sensory experience to your direct mail campaigns will help boost response rates.

Consider adding scented fragrances, such as cinnamon and orange or using a variety of colour combinations to grab the readers attention. Red, white, green and gold are the colours most commonly associated with Christmas. Adding these extra touches to your direct mail campaigns will improve the quality of the overall mailing as well as help drive an emotional response from recipients.


People love to receive gifts, especially around Christmas time. Get into the spirit of things and send some gifts in your mailings for extra impact.

Try including:

  • Christmas crackers
  • Redeemable vouchers
  • Branded gear
  • Christmas tree accessories
  • Cookies, sweets or chocolates.

Time-sensitive Mailings

The Christmas period is renowned for being a busy time of year for businesses and consumers alike. Organisations can struggle to create and distribute direct mail campaigns in time for Christmas.

At Central Mailing Services we pride ourselves on the ability to handle time-sensitive mailings quickly and confidently without compromising on quality. Fast turnaround on quotes, state of the art technology and experienced staff enable us to meet even the toughest of deadlines.


GDPR Compliance and Data Security

We understand that data security should be a priority, not an afterthought.

All operations at CMS are GDPR compliant and we are proud to maintain our ISO 27001 standard for information security systems.

We strive to uphold the highest standard of digital and physical security.

Stringent internal IT policies, on-premise security with CCTV monitoring and our wholly-owned distribution vehicles enable us to keep confidential information secure on-site and in transit.

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