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Critical Mail solutions to support the most complex mail requirements

We are one of the leading UK suppliers of print, postage and direct mail. CMS know that security, accuracy, reliability and transparency are vital requirements for your Critical Mail applications. We understand the complete document lifecycle.

Critical Mail consists of any mailings to do with:

  • Time sensitive mailings
  • Secure mailings
  • Voting or political mailings
  • Governmental mailings
  • Healthcare mailings
  • Patient Data mailings
  • Transactional mailings
  • Trans-promotional mail
  • Electronic notifications (i.e. SMS reminders, Legal Email Reminders..)

With our ISO 27001 Accreditation Central Mailing Services are ideal candidates to carry out any type of critical mail.



Transactional Mail, Trans-promotional & e-invoicing

Central Mailing Services provide transactional mail services to many regulated sectors including the insurance, telecommunications and banking industries. Transactional mail services we provide include statements, invoices, renewal letters, online billing and reminder letters, email reminders or sms reminders.

What does Critical Mail involve?

Critical Mail marketing can involve inserting promotional material into documents such as invoices, utility bills or statements this is done through our dedicated in-house mail fulfilment team.

Trans-Promotional Marketing allows targeted promotions for relevant products and services to your customers. However, our data team can data-mine and segment your customer base to deliver the most effective mail message to each customer.

Increase customer connection and trust by showing your customers that they are more than just a number. However, you can do this with targeted, personalised promotional messages.

  • High open rates; more than 95% of all statements and invoices are read
  • Additionally, consumers spend an average of 2 – 3 minutes reviewing each statement received in the mail
  • In general, consumers will only discard 4% of statements or bills without opening or reading them, compared to 49% of circulars and 73% of credit card offers
  • More likely to be read and valued
  • High involvement transactional mail receives more attention than any other form of communication
  • It is often viewed more than once too.

Our Critical Mail solutions

  • Help you comply with any governing bodies and regulatory requirements
  • Help you maximise the return on investment of your communications
  • Include data and site security in line with ISO 27001 (Information Security Management)
  • Deliver 100% mailing compliance


In light of this, our end-to-end solutions deliver compliance and regulatory communications in line with customer-driven service levels and business-critical applications that require the highest levels of security.

After all, our product flexibility, resilience and innovation are delivered throughout the mail personalisation process and intelligent fulfilment ensures 100% traceability and reconciliation of mailing records.