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Central Mailing Services offer flexible digital mailroom services perfect for growing businesses looking to improve their mailroom efficiency. We can replace your mailroom entirely, or work to supplement your existing in-house team.

What is a Digital Mailroom?

Cluttered mailrooms can be a significant drain on a businesses resources

Our digital mailroom works as a supplement to, or a replacement of, a business’ existing physical mailroom. Mail is scanned and uploaded to a digital network allowing for access anywhere, any time. Responses can be sent out at any time, with rapid turnaround and wide-ranging personalisation options.

For growing businesses managing an internal mailroom can become a significant drain on resources.

An outsourced mailroom will reduce running costs, increase productivity and maintain a more data secure mailroom. On top of this, you can reduce the amount of waste your business produces and make better use of available office space.

Digital mailroom services work with all kinds of mail; including transactional mail, advertising mail, critical mail and more.

How it Works – Receiving Your Mail

  1. We receive your documents at our secure premises
  2. We open, sort and scan all of your documents to extract the relevant data
  3. Your documents are sorted and securely stored in our digital archives
  4. Documents can be accessed from our archives or sent by secure file transfer
  5. Upon request, documents are securely destroyed or distributed in a physical or digital format

Sending Mail

At Central Mailing Services we specialise in printing, packaging and posting mail.

By using our digital mailroom services, you will be gaining access to our full portfolio of print and mail technologies.

This presents the opportunity for huge savings when compared with the costs of an in-house mailroom. Outsourcing removes the cost of replacing out of date technology and broken machinery as well as removing the need for experienced staff to manage processes. On top of this, it will also greatly increase the range of mailings you can run as a business, and allow for high volume jobs to run at short notice.

Through the use of inkjet personalisation and variable data printing, we can produce personalised mailings quickly easily. Rapid data cleansing (as much as 100,000 entries every 30 minutes!) and active returns management help maintain your data sets and ensure your direct mail is accurate and effective.

Benefits of Digital Mailroom Services

By outsourcing your mailing room you can:

  • Reduce overall running costs and on-site staff requirements
  • Gain access to the latest in print and mail technology, without having to invest in upkeep
  • Run more complex mailings at greater volumes on short notice
  • Pick the minds of direct mail experts for ideas and inspiration
  • Operate at GDPR and ISO data security standards at all times
  • Effectively manage returned mail and data lists to improve future communications

Why use CMS Digital Mailroom Services?

At Central Mailing Services we have over 25 years experience providing direct mail solutions.

We take the time to understand each of our clients’ individual preferences and requirements. This allows us to provide a tailored service that exceeds expectation, every time.

We are trusted by businesses nationwide and have a proven track record of delivering even the most complex solutions.


We hold a number of accreditations including:

We are also one of a small number of UK businesses to receive the Customer Service Excellence Award and have maintained it as a business since 2016.

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