At Central Mailing Services we are dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of our business. We take measures to reduce wastage and ensure our clients are fully aware of eco-friendly options available to them.

Sourcing Materials

As part of our commitment to eco-friendly operations, we focus on using as many recycled materials as possible in our mailings. A large number of our envelopes are sourced from recycled stock. We also provide biodegradable polywrap and source a number of vegetable-based inks for our in-house printing.

Disposing of Materials

We recycle a number of materials used in our mailings including paper waste, polythene wrapping, toner cartridges, wooden pallets and much more. We even have on-site balers to compact our paper and plastic waste, making it easier to transport and in turn reducing the number of vehicles on the road!

Internal Policies

  • Staff are encouraged to car share and use public transport to reduce CO2 emissions
  • We operate a closed-door policy at warehouses to minimise heat usage
  • To save electricity, machines are only turned on when in use and lights are turned off throughout the building when not in use
  • Drivers are asked to turn off vehicle engines while waiting in the delivery yard
  • We encourage bulk packaging of leaflets and brochures when possible to reduce unnecessary wastage
  • We recommend clients minimise packaging on their mailings by ensuring boxes aren’t oversized, or by doing away with packaging completely where possible

Environmentally Friendly Data

Did you know higher quality data sets are better for the environment?

It’s quite simple. More up-to-date, accurate data means your direct mail reaches the intended recipients.

If your fliers, brochures and booklets aren’t reaching the correct audiences they’re being wasted. This is bad news for your business and the environment.

At CMS we encourage our customers to utilise a range of data cleansing techniques to optimise their data sets for use in direct mail.

In addition to this, we help clients by working with them on mailing returns and by updating them on undelivered records to keep their databases up-to-date.

Eco-Friendly Postage

At CMS we are able to provide discounts for eco-friendly mail.

By including a number of green characteristics in mailings CMS customers can gain access to various discounts on the cost of postage.

These characteristics include meeting four main criteria:

  • Sourcing and recyclability
  • Data accuracy
  • Opting out
  • Mail item specification

To learn more, call a member of our account management team and find out how you can gain access to postage discounts on your direct mail.

Tel: 0800 699 0501



We are proud to maintain the ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management.

This standard certifies that at Central Mailing Services we actively consider the impact of our operations on the environment. The standard spans various aspects of day-to-day business processes including procurement, storage, distribution, product development and manufacturing.

In addition to this, each month upon collection we receive a certification confirming the correct disposal of waste. All waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and adheres to data security legislation such as ISO 27001.

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