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With a 60-strong team, Central Mailing Services has expanded its offering of fulfilment services in the South East of England. Direct mail is hugely popular in the UK, but with the influx of digital advertising methods, many believed it would slowly fade away. That’s certainly not been the case, and it’s partly thanks to digital marketing that direct mail is thriving. According to International Communications Research, 73% of consumers prefer mail over other advertising methods, whilst 92% of all direct mail is opened and 48% of UK adults take action after receiving it (according to the Royal Mail). In a world where we’re bombarded with online advertisements, direct mail can be seen as more personal, friendly, trustworthy and less invasive. We see the effectiveness of direct marketing each and every day, but it’s important to ensure all aspects of a campaign are managed properly and that’s exactly where we can help you.

What do mail fulfilment solutions include? 

In its simplest form, mail fulfilment is the process of taking print and associated stationery/packaging, converting it into ‘ready to mail’ items, such as direct mail and transactional mail. Of course, the fulfilment process can vary from one mail house to another, but at Central Mailing Services, we’re focused on providing high quality solutions, utilising the latest equipment, whilst we also have an experienced team. 

We have a huge range of cutting edge machines to help us carry out our fulfilment work on behalf of South East, nationwide and international organisations, including:

  1. Automated folding and finishing machines
  2. Automated Envelope Enclosing machines
  3. Polythene Enclosing machines
  4. Paper wrapping machines

Of course, not every piece of mail can be fulfilled by a machine, so we also provide a hand-fulfilment and hand-matching service. Whether you need 10, 100, 1,000 or 250,000 mailpieces fulfilled by hand, we can carry out your fulfilment project quickly and efficiently, saving you a great deal of time and money. 

Did you know?

In the last ten years advertising mail volume has increased by 87% and expenditure has increased by 118%. Also, 56% of consumers have made a purchase after receiving advertising mail, yet ‘warm mailings’ perform best, with 38% of consumers buying from these at some point.

Expert in-house fulfilment with a 46,000 sq. ft. supersite

We are in constant dialogue with many clients based in the South East of England. From SMEs to charities, schools, universities, political parties and corporate clients, we provide full campaign management, whilst every piece of mail is fulfilled in our single 46,000 sq. ft. supersite. 

Fulfilment Services in the South East: The most advanced systems

We only want you to invest in direct mail if it works well for your business, and that’s why our friendly team will take the time to get to know you, your systems, process and areas for improvement – whatever your budget.  We look at the intended mailing message for everything we process, and more specifically, we’ll thoroughly check the quantity, quality of data, weight, format and delivery speed requirements. This helps us determine the right postal service for dispatch. 

With meticulous attention to detail every step of the way, we can ensure your direct mail campaigns are optimised for success. If you’d like to have a chat about our services in more detail, please contact us today. 

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