High quality fulfilment across Wales

Established in 1992, here at Central Mailing Services we’ve been expanding our services across the UK for over twenty six years and we’re proud to offer a range of mail fulfilment services in Wales. We know what goes into creating a successful direct marketing campaign and we also know that clients are constantly wanting to drive costs down and generate a greater return on their investment. It’s because of this that we constantly strive to be more efficient. We invest in the latest state-of-the-art machinery to speed up processes and use experts to manage our involvement from end-to-end to ensure our clients expectations are not only set but more importantly met and exceeded.

Mail fulfilment in Wales – the complete solution

At Central Mailing Services, we’ve been providing mailing solutions for businesses in Wales for a number of years, our team of experts can provide a complete end-to-end offer for companies regardless of their size. We pride ourselves in being able to take an idea and utilise our teams to create the artwork, cleanse the data, personalise and print the end product, fulfil it and then also offer a cost effective postage solution. What makes us different is that every part of our service is in-house. We have a professional team of graphic designers who handle artwork and a Data Bureau Department of more than 15 people who manage all aspects of data. From artwork and data through to print and fulfilment, all of our teams work closely with our experienced account managers to ensure that regardless of the size, your project is on track and on budget.

Cost effective mail fulfilment

In order to drive costs down we have invested in hi-tech machinery to fulfil a lot of our direct marketing campaigns. This allows us to mitigate any human error, drive consistency and increase speed all allowing our clients more time to generate artwork and sign off proofs.

Excellence as standard

Every one of our services are performed in line with stringent ISO standards. From data handling through to print and distribution, we ensure that our customers can sleep safe in the knowledge that every point throughout our involvement is handled by experienced professionals with industry leading accreditation.

Flawless fulfilment in Wales

Our fulfilment services are split into two categories as described below. Both generate the same excellent results but based on the final campaign product, our account managers choose the best suited solution.

Automated fulfilment

Simple campaigns with a relatively straightforward look and feel tend to be fulfilled by our hi-tech machinery. Our five automated folding machines allow for cross folding as well as trimming and perforations that can work incredibly fast 24 hours a day. We also have the machinery to automatically close envelopes of all sizes. From DL to C4 our machines can fulfil over 40,000 envelopes every hour which makes large scale campaigns much quicker. We also use a windmill which is a specialist machine designed to reduce the time and complexity involved in poly wrapped bagging.

Hand fulfilment

For some of our fulfilment campaigns we have a team on hand who can hand fulfil every piece of mailing. From picking and packing through to glue dotting and enclosing, our team can work on jobs of all sizes.

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