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What is a Mailshot? And How Can it Work For Your Business….

Central Mailing Services uses smart data and state-of-the-art technology to create an engaging mail shot. Our experienced team can cleanse recipient data lists to deduce or update incorrect data. Mail sorting can improve cost efficiency. In addition, our creative production team can create eye catching designs and implement unique personalisation techniques. Even more to help you speak directly to your target audience.

In light of this, our automated envelope enclosing machines feed up to six separate inserts into an envelope at high speeds. We’re equipped to handle campaigns for clients that require well over a million mailings annually. Every element of your campaign will be taken care of. To aid this, we work to develop relationships with large and small companies to improve interactions with potential customers.


Mailshots – Getting the Right Response

Before we begin work, Central Mailing Services works closely with you to develop an understanding of your goals. This may include objectives, target market and unique selling points. To ensure the campaign runs smoothly, we carefully break it down into stages. Data management, personalisation, print management, fulfilment and postage solutions along with many other services.



Our aim is to help you get the right response. Ultimately, our dedicated account managers work with you every step of the way to create a campaign that delivers results. With over 20 years of experience in mailing and postal services, we’ve invested in state of the art technology. This includes high speed printers, automated folding machines, camera matching systems, automated poly-wrapping machines and automated envelope enclosing systems as well as others.

Personalising Each Mail Shot

Personalisation can bring a mail shot to life, and it certainly increases your chances of opening doors with new customers. When mail is carefully adjusted to speak directly to each recipient, it can be more effective. Don’t forget our production centre are always on hand to offer eye-catching touches too. QR Code creation and printing is a nice feature in an advertising strategy. We will guide you through the various options when you speak to us about your requirements. We handle everything from postcards to sophisticated leaflets and informative brochures, and our network of reputable print partners guarantees high quality colour printing each and every time. We can also use variable data printing to personalise mailpieces with different colours/images/fonts/salutations/addresses etc for each individual requirement. 

Central Mailing Services


Mail Shots Featuring Data Management

Finally, Central Mailing Services cater for complex data processing needs. We can cleanse and remove incorrect data, validate postcodes, profile better targets as well as  sort mail strictly to improve mailing costs. Minimising waste is an important aspect of a direct mail campaign, and we know our up-to-date software and hardware makes a real difference.

To speak to us about your needs, call Central Mailing Services today on 0800 699 0501 or complete the below and we’ll be in touch.