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Q&A + Infographic:

How do I make a QR Code?

You can make your own QR Codes using designated 2D barcode generators; some of them can be found by searching “QR Code Generator”. Once created, you can place it anywhere from, newspapers, magazines, brochures, and leaflets. Further to this they can be put on product packaging or labels, or on billboards or even walls.

You can use QR Codes on a website but they should not generally be used as a substitute for an old-fashioned hyperlink because obviously the user is already online and doesn’t really want to fiddle around with their phone only to find a website they could have just clicked through to in half the time.

What can be encoded into a QR Code?

Any URL can be encoded into a QR Code so essentially any webpage can be opened automatically as a result of scanning the barcode. If you want to encourage someone to like your Facebook page – have your Facebook profile page as the URL. Want your video to go viral – encode the URL in your QR Code. The options are endless.

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