Operating from a state-of-the-art centrally located 50,000 sq. ft. supersite Central Mailing Services are one of the largest polywrapping companies in the UK.

We operate a total x6 Norpak, Sitma & Buhrs high speed polywrap machines with the ability to polywrap over 50,000 items per hour and the flexibility to run 24/7. We can polywrap a diverse variety of printed matter through automation. We have the ability to machine enclose up to x13 inserts. We can also enclose inserts inside magazines / publications / catalogues, 4-way camera match (with reporting and a fully traceable audit trail) and inkjet address directly to polythene or a publication / catalogue using HP solvent based ink technology. We handle runs from 1,000 to a virtually limitless quantity.

Our Testing Team can work with you to achieve Mailmark postage discounts even for polywrapped mailings as well as monitor pack weights to ensure the most cost effective format is achieved for both UK and Overseas postage. This reinforces polywrapping as one of the most cost effective, strongest, all-weather and robust packaging materials.

Our Equipment

X3 Norpak Polyprocessors

Capable of sizes from DL to A3 equipped with 5 rotary feeders, 1 shuttle feeder and a windmill for enclosing inside publications / catalogues. Film registration for printed polythene, x4 inkjet heads per machine to address directly to polythene.

X1 1050 Sitma

Our Sitma is capable of polywrapping DL to A3, a high-speed enclosing machine with a top speed of 20,000 items per hour, x6 rotary feeders, x2 shuttle feeders, automated stacker & x2 Mosca inline strapping .


High speed polywrap and paper wrapping machine with selective insertion, camera matching, capable of enclosing x10 items to polythene with a top speed of 20,000 per hour.

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We offer our clients the option of virgin recyclable polythene, bio-degradable polythene and 100% starch polythene, we are also exploring the market for new environmentally friendly products such as Sugar cane polythene. Each type of polythene comes with its own unique benefits and can all be manufactured in full colour and fully branded with the option to address directly to the film. We are also able to offer a range of thicknesses for each variant of polythene, measured in microns.

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Virgin Polythene

100% recyclable

Requires less power to recycle than paper alternatives

Light and strong

Most cost-effective polythene option

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Bio-degradable Polythene

Oxo / biodegradable polymers undergo controlled degradation through the incorporation of ‘prodegradant’ additive (additive that can trigger and accelerate the degradation process). These polymer undergo accelerated oxidative define degradation initiated by natural daylight, heat and/or mechanical stress, and erode under the influence of weathering. Bio-degradable polythene is compostable in open air

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Starch based Polythene

Made from 100% corn (maize), potatoes, wheat. This form of biodegradable film is the most environmental for polywrapping and meets the European norm EN13432 for composting as it degrades at least 60% within 180 days or less.

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Why Choose Us

All operations at Central Mailing Services are GDPR compliant and we maintain our ISO 27001 standard for information security. We have extensive internal policies to ensure compliance and we hold the Cyber Essentials certification. We are also ISO 9001: Quality Management, and ISO 14001: Environmental Management certified, as well as being proud holders of the Customer Service Excellence (CSE), and Customer Service Excellence Compliance Plus awards. Central Mailing Services have been successfully operating for over 27 years, providing high quality and accurate mailing services. What makes us different is our determination to stay at the cutting edge of technology, we invest heavily in both equipment and training of our staff. Our goal is to provide a great service for our customers, every time.

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To learn more about our polywrapping services speak with a member of our team on 0800 699 0501 or email us at enquiries@centralmailing.co.uk

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    Great company to work with and Daniel was an absolute gem. Made the whole process easy and uncomplicated. Will definitely use again
    The level of attention to detail was exemplary and the speed of service second to none.

    We have recently moved our business over to CMS and it has been such a positive move. We have a fantastic working relationship with our account manager and the advice from the senior management has shown commercial growth throuhg our mailings.

    As a buisness they worked with us to create maxium impact with our exisiting customers, whilst advising on how to widen our reach.
    Nothing is too much for the central mailing team, no matter how big or small of a job, the team deliver each time perfectly! Maria is so easy and lovely to communicate with, cant thank her enough!
    Richard, Maria and the team are true professionals in their field .... competitve prices, fantastic service, extremely high quality and quick turnaround times - what more do you want ?..... THANK YOU ALL and Happy St David's Day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
    Central Mailing Services are our number one trusted direct mail provider, we are always happy with the professionalism of the service, competitive prices and of course the team that support us to ensure our direct mails are the best they can be.

    CMS are more than a fulfilment house, they offer expert advice and guidance and support us every step of the way from design to delivery.

    In addition to there business operations, CMS support their local community which is important to us when choosing our mailing house, as well as sustainability.

    Thank you CMS!

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