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The rebirth of the printed retail catalogue…

Printed matter has always been a powerful tool for a marketing department. Since the pandemic, we have seen a huge growth in online and retail marketing material being sent out via Direct Mail.
The biggest rise has been in the enclosing of Printed catalogues into paper wrap. Not only are Online retail firms making the best use of the printed paper wrap, they are also benefiting from a sustainable solution to present their marketing material to their end clients.
The lack of visitors to the high street drove retail clients to look again at the power of print and realise just how strong direct mail can be.
Putting physical print into the household is still one of the best marketing tools available. You can use a door drop, a partially addressed or a fully personalised mailer to all achieve the goal of getting your Direct mail in front of the consumer
Central Mailing Services have seen a large number of online retailers experience a significant increase in ROI from their postal mailings.
The growth in ROI has also been driven by the increased options available to retailers by enclosing their catalogues into Paper wrap. We have been able to personalise catalogues with offer codes, personalised targeted vouchers and account numbers, then match this data with additional personalised inserts and personalised targeted print on the outer wrap too.
The use of peelable glue and perforated paper wrap offers huge potential in terms of pack design and engagement with end-users. The creative opportunities for marketing and design departments with printed paper wrap are huge. Full bleed to edge print on a variety of coated and uncoated paper stocks has already seen some fantastic designs go through the CMS production centre.
A key element in the move from polythene wrapped print to paper wrapping has been the environmental benefits derived from using sustainably sourced and produced paper. This is backed up by the fact that inkjet personalisation is all via water-based inks too.
As end consumers demand more sustainably produced mail, so Paperwrap provides the opportunity
for retail to answer that demand, while finding more and more creative and targeted ways to appeal
to the consumer.
We at CMS passionately believe that Paper wrapping is the future for a lot of direct mail. That is why
we have invested now is 3 lines and have plans to add a 4 th in the future.
While consumer habits have changed, the power of printed matter stays as strong as ever in terms
of driving ROI. Paper wrapping is a crucial part in that process, and will continue to grow as more
and more firms embrace print again.

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    This is our first year with central mailing and so far so good! Really good support from Connor, Luke and Richard to get up and running with very few hiccups. We've started to see some good results from the mailings and long may it continue. Really well run company.
    I have been using Central Mailing Services for a few years now and the team that handle my projects (Alex and Connor) are always helpful and never let me down.
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    2nd campaign underway already and great service from Alex and the team at central mailing.

    Easy from start to finish :):):)
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