As an ISO 14001 accredited business we work tirelessly to reduce waste through a number of objectives. We firstly recommend utilising our in-house Data Cleansing Suite to remove and correct incorrect records / addresses. We also offer fast and accurate returns management services. Our in-house Bureau Department can handle all of you returns, giving you the freedom to focus on your core business objectives.

Returns Management

Returns management is the process of managing a business’ returned mail and recording the data for use. This can often be time consuming and difficult for businesses to manage alone.

By using Central Mailing Services to track and manage returns you can:

  • Improve Your Data Quality
  • Save Money on print, fulfilment, packaging & postage and therefore Increase ROI
  • Save your own Time and Resources
  • Improve Future Campaigns
  • Reduce Waste

Mail can be returned for a variety of reasons e.g mover’s, Gone-Away’s, deceased. We can also cleanse against the Mail Preference Service and Royal Mail’s Postal Address File validation which extends to Business & Home addresses. By tracking returns businesses gain crucial information that can be used to their benefit in future campaigns and communication.

How it Works

Before a mailing is released, Central Mailing Services create and print a unique 2D barcode to every mail piece. We receive the physical returns from Royal Mail, capture the information by scanning the barcode, this is auto-populated onto a spreadsheet and securely output to our client. All physical mail is securely recycled, this includes polythene.

Central Mailing Services can also securely store the information to create a suppression file for future mailings.

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Benefits of Returns Management

There are numerous benefits associated with properly managing returns. A small investment into a managed service can provide great savings and long term benefits in key areas.

  1. Improve Your Data Quality Using a returns management service, you can better understand who does and doesn’t receive your communication, as well as the reasons why. Address changes, mail preference and deceased files can all effect data quality and a fresh data set will degrade quickly if left unchecked.
  2. Save Money and Increase ROI Money spent designing, printing, fulfilling, addressing and posting something to someone who will never receive it is money wasted; regardless of how attractive the offer is. By cleansing out of date and incorrect contacts from your database you will save you money and increase your overall return on investment.
  3. Save Time and Resources By having a specialist mailing house receive and process your returns your team will be free to focus on the things that matter most to them. You will be able to invest more time into the development and delivery of other campaigns and improve the overall performance of your department.
  4. Improve Future Campaigns Effective returns management will provide you with a more accurate and efficient customer database. By removing Gone-Away’s, deceased files, mover’s and recipients who have opted out you can mail out more targeted, personal and effective campaigns.
  5. Reduce Waste and Benefit the Environment A good data set will reduce the amount of wasted paper, ink, energy and fuel from undelivered mail. It’s far better to carefully manage data and production than to waste money on unnecessary print and recycle it afterwards!

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Why use Central Mailing Services Returns Management?

At Central Mailing Services we operate from a single 50,000 sq. ft supersite. When using our returns management service, we ensure all your direct mail returns are sent to our secure site. From here we have a dedicated team that is ready and waiting to execute the returns process quickly and efficiently to ISO 27001 Data Security & Cyber Essential Standards. We are also GDPR compliant so your data is in safe hands.

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Data Security

We ensure all data is secure both at rest and in transit and have processes in place to guarantee this:

  • All customer data is protected at rest with Bitlocker
  • Backups are protected with AES encryption
  • All of our data is stored in the U.K.
  • We have 2 secure server rooms with redundant hardware
  • Secure file transfer portal (dataXchange) and an SFTP server
  • We have extensive internal policies to ensure compliance and are Cyber Essentials certified
  • Robust data destruction procedures

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    We have recently moved our business over to CMS and it has been such a positive move. We have a fantastic working relationship with our account manager and the advice from the senior management has shown commercial growth throuhg our mailings.

    As a buisness they worked with us to create maxium impact with our exisiting customers, whilst advising on how to widen our reach.
    Nothing is too much for the central mailing team, no matter how big or small of a job, the team deliver each time perfectly! Maria is so easy and lovely to communicate with, cant thank her enough!
    Richard, Maria and the team are true professionals in their field .... competitve prices, fantastic service, extremely high quality and quick turnaround times - what more do you want ?..... THANK YOU ALL and Happy St David's Day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
    Central Mailing Services are our number one trusted direct mail provider, we are always happy with the professionalism of the service, competitive prices and of course the team that support us to ensure our direct mails are the best they can be.

    CMS are more than a fulfilment house, they offer expert advice and guidance and support us every step of the way from design to delivery.

    In addition to there business operations, CMS support their local community which is important to us when choosing our mailing house, as well as sustainability.

    Thank you CMS!
    CMS staff are always helpful and patient with good communication skills. We're always pleased with what they deliver.
    This is our first year with central mailing and so far so good! Really good support from Connor, Luke and Richard to get up and running with very few hiccups. We've started to see some good results from the mailings and long may it continue. Really well run company.

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