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Direct Mail Campaigns for Theatres

Theatre attendance has increased dramatically over the last ten years, with more young people getting involved than ever before. In England alone, there are over 2000 organisations that regularly produce and present theatre. Now is the perfect time to reach out to audiences, grow your following and create fans for life.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need a well planned and well executed marketing strategy. Clearly defined branding and targeted content can help you deliver a personalised experience that will give you the edge over the competition.

At Central Mailing Services we are direct mail experts. We have heaps of experience handling direct mail campaigns, and a successful track record providing theatrical print and mail services too.

We are the one-stop-shop for everything direct mail.

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Why Direct Mail for Theatre Marketing?

Direct mail is attention-grabbing, personal, and most importantly it works.

As a tangible product, direct mail is better able to captivate audiences and draw focus. Mailings can be customised to fit your theatre’s unique image, an existing production theme or even tailored specifically to individual recipients or groups.

Mail personalisation is excellent for building a connection with audiences, increasing response rates and leaving a lasting impression.

Additionally, direct mail is proven to have a longer lifespan than other marketing methods. It is the most likely form of communication to be stored and reread or shared at a later date. In fact, a 2017 Royal Mail study has shown that 80% of all mail is opened and for every 100 mailing packs sent another 36 people view them.

Our Capabilities

At CMS we operate out of a single 45,000 sq. ft site in Birmingham, equipped with the latest technology and experienced staff. We are able to handle all stages of a direct mail campaign, including data cleansing, design, print, fulfilment and postage. All CMS orders are handled with the utmost care from start to finish. Multiple checking phases ensure there are no mistakes and every order we process arrives exactly as expected.

Time-sensitive theatre marketing mailings

We understand that theatre schedules can be hectic, with multiple shows running over a short period of time. This can put a lot of pressure on managers to meet marketing deadlines, raise awareness and attract audiences. Fortunately, there is an easier way:

At Central Mailing Services we pride ourselves on our ability to handle time-sensitive mailings quickly and confidently without compromising on quality. Fast turnaround on quotes, state of the art technology and experienced staff enable us to meet even toughest of deadlines.

We are able to help with the production and mailing of all kinds of theatrical marketing materials. We can assist with the creation of a variety of content including fliers, posters, brochures, calendars and leaflets and much more.

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Deliver a personalised experience

The theatre experience begins with your very first communication with a customer. Your direct mail should serve as an exciting taster of what’s to come, building anticipation for the main event.

By utilising wide-ranging enclosing options, specialist hand fulfilment and exciting designs you can give your customers a direct mail experience unlike anything they’ve had before.

There are plenty of ways to add that little something extra to your mailings that could make all the difference, next time try including:

  • Custom designs for VIP guests invites,
  • Loyalty incentives for local schools,
  • Exclusive content for subscribers,
  • Themes for your seasonal announcements,
  • Personalised thank-you notes,
  • and much more!

Data cleansing services

When managing large data lists accuracy can often become an issue. Errors can occur in address lines, names, titles and various other areas.

If left unresolved these errors can increase the cost and reduce the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

At CMS we offer a number of data services to help solve these issues and ensure your mailings are as accurate as possible. We are able to provide a precise data cleansing service with deduplication and delivery address correction to minimise the errors in your mailings.

Not only does this help save you money, but by reducing incorrect deliveries it also helps minimize the environmental impact of wasted print, packaging and postage

GDPR compliance and data security

We understand that data security should be a priority, not an afterthought.

All operations at CMS are GDPR compliant and we are proud to maintain our ISO 27001 standard for information security systems.

We strive to uphold the highest standard of digital and physical security.

Stringent internal IT policies, on-premise security with CCTV monitoring and our wholly-owned distribution vehicles enable us to keep confidential information secure on-site and in transit.

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We’d love to help plan the perfect direct mail campaign for your theatre.

We offer multiple options for print, fulfilment and mailing that provide the best bang for your buck. Our services are flexible and can be customised to deliver a personal, high impact experience that will resonate with your target audiences.

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