Using a specialist mailing house to process your postal mailings is a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to manage your mailing requirements.

We can lower your current postage costs for bulk mail, improve accuracy, presentation, turnaround time and reduce costs on materials such as print, fulfilment, paper and envelopes.

Outsourcing to Central Mailing Services is also more practical than undertaking work in-house with salaried staff. We will produce your mailings accurately and at high speeds through our investments in technology utilising specialised equipment and highly skilled production operatives.

A specialist mailing house can help with all associated mailing services, including:

  • Data Management
  • Print
  • Personalisation
  • Fulfilment
  • Storage & Distribution
  • Postage
  • Returns Management

Being able to data process, print, personalise, enclose and dispatch in-house is a huge advantage resulting in improved efficiency, cost reduction and accuracy. Using a single provider for all solutions creates a more streamlined service which will reduce processing times as well as minimise communication errors.

How does a Mailing House Save Time?

Often businesses will attempt to produce Direct Mail or Transactional Mail campaigns entirely in-house, with paid staff printing, labelling, stuffing and posting envelopes instead of working on their day-to-day jobs. Not only is this method of working highly inefficient, it is also more expensive, and generally of lower quality than outsourcing the work to an established mailing house. Mailing houses benefit from the use of specialised print and enclosing equipment that is much faster and more accurate than manual counterparts.

At Central Mailing Services we have our own in-house Data Management / Bureau Dept; Xerox/Konica Minolta Print Centre; high-speed personalisation equipment; and an array of automated envelope and polythene enclosing machines with full integrity. We produce high speed digital print, personalisation and enclosing and we output over 70 million items per year. As an established mailing house, we produce and send huge volumes of mail on a daily basis, this gives us excellent buying power and allows our clients to benefit from wholesale discounts on postage & intelligent routings. Our clients benefit from our bespoke postage routing matrix (SELECTA). The SELECTA system automatically selects the most competitive CMS approved postal carriers’ based on the specific profile of each and every mailing we process. This tool helps simplify what is otherwise a hugely complex process, and provide a stress free, cost-effective solution for our clients.

We procure consumables in bulk, purchasing large volumes of envelopes, paper, polythene, ink, litho print and much more. This produces savings that we pass onto our customers.

Automating processes like enclosing and personalisation also provides a significant cost & time saving. It’s faster, more accurate and requires fewer people & we’re yet to find a machine that refuses to work overtime!

Data Security

At CMS we adhere to strict data policies. We are both ISO 27001 and certified by Cyber Essentials and the NHS Toolkit.

We have a number of measures in place to ensure data security both at rest and in transit:

  • All customer data is protected at rest with Bitlocker
  • Backups are protected with AES encryption
  • All of our data is stored in the UK
  • We have 2 secure server rooms with redundant hardware & off-site back-up
  • Secure file transfer portal (dataXchange) and an SFTP server
  • Robust data destruction procedures

Quality Services

At Central Mailing Services we work very closely with our suppliers to not only achieve best price but to monitor quality of service and accuracy at all times. We share very close relationships with our postal carriers continually monitoring performance, this involves test seeds, regular conference calls and review meetings. We are recognised as ISO: 9001 Quality Management certified and ISO 14001: Environmental Management standards. We aim to provide the best quality service to all customers, and take great pride in being a Customer Service Excellence certified business, as well as being rated 5 stars on Trustpilot.

Looking for something specific?

We offer a wide-range of printing and mailing services, for businesses of all sizes. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for please give us a call or drop us an email. Our friendly team are happy to help!

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    4.9 Over 269 Reviews
    CMS staff are always helpful and patient with good communication skills. We're always pleased with what they deliver.
    This is our first year with central mailing and so far so good! Really good support from Connor, Luke and Richard to get up and running with very few hiccups. We've started to see some good results from the mailings and long may it continue. Really well run company.
    I have been using Central Mailing Services for a few years now and the team that handle my projects (Alex and Connor) are always helpful and never let me down.
    From me sending data and job specifications, I will always get a response within the hour.
    Highly recommend contacting CMS if you have any mailing requirements.
    2nd campaign underway already and great service from Alex and the team at central mailing.

    Easy from start to finish :):):)
    Maria provides excellent customer service, I have found her to be most helpful, she will push to help meet deadlines and keep me informed of any issues.
    We have used Central Mailing for several years, with jobs ranging from under a 100 to over 30,000 mail outs. They are very responsive and always deliver a professional and competitive service.

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